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Hi 👋

My name is Thomas. I am a programmer living in Munich and I am a freelance software engineer.

Before that, I traveled with my wife for six months through North and South America. I worked at Pitch and helped to build a world-class editor for presentations and worked at comSysto and wrote business applications for various projects. I studied Information Systems at TUM.

I am interested in Data Viz, Functional Programming, Cloud computing, and art with code.

Picture of Thomas Sojka


A selection of the articles I wrote in the past. Writing about something is the best way to truly learn something. It helps to structure thoughts and uncover areas that are worth exploring deeper.

Side Projects

I am really grateful that I could make my hobby my profession. But it's still a hobby for me as well and here are projects that I built for others or myself.

Shopping Cards

One of my rare projects that gifted me more lifetime than it took to build it. Shopping Cards helps me to plan my meals and creates shopping lists for me. The shopping lists are sorted by the aisles of my local supermarket. It also helped me to reduce my food waste significantly. Technically is just yet another CRUD-App but it had a big impact on my life, which makes it my favorite side project.

Screenshot of the Weekplan
Picture fo the time-lapse camera

I built a time-lapse camera to track paprikas growing in a hydroponic system. This was one of my first physical projects and taught me about video processing as well. Although the final paprikas didn't taste that great, it was fun to watch them grow and to be able to touch the thing I built.


My first serious attempt to build something not only for one person but to help others with a problem that was nagging me as well. It's a snippet collection to build charts in Clojure using the D3.js library. While building it, I discovered many practical use cases of Clojure macros for the first time.

Screenshot of the hiccup-d3 website. Showing multiple charts