Thomas Sojka

Going freelance

Once, freelancing was a distant dream, twinkling on the horizon. Now it's a bold reality beyond the mountain of paperwork that's currently my Everest. I'm almost there, ready to plant my flag and embark on my next adventure!

Cloud computing

Getting proficient at cloud computing is my missing piece of expertise across the entire application development spectrum. I am currently focusing on improving my skills in technologies such as AWS, Terraform, and Ansible, not just as individual tools, but as integral pieces of a larger puzzle. This knowledge is crucial for me to provide a comprehensive service – from building robust, cloud-based backends to meticulously designing engaging frontends.


I believe that my journey towards improving my skills is not something I should do alone, but rather, it should be an adventure shared with others. That's why I join book clubs with my friends, where we read and discuss books. Right now it's 'Modern Software Engineering', 'Terraform Up & Running', and 'SICP'. These sessions make reading an interactive and exciting experience, as we collectively learn from each other and from the books we read.